Zip a dee do da, 
Zip a dee ay,
My oh my, what a wonderful day,
Blog challenge is over,
 I’ve nothing to say,
Zip a dee do da zip a dee ay.
My first attempt on a zip line was a hum dinger. My husband and I took our three boys to a children’s museum in Denver. In the outdoors area, they had an apparatus that took you from eight to ten feet down to standing by hanging from a bar attached to a zip line.
Comparing myself to a fifth grader I’m still shorter than most, so I was several feet off the ground.  I grabbed the bar, swung myself off the platform, and promptly fell landing on me bum.  I know I broke my tailbone. My husband ran over and helped me up, we called the boys and I gingerly walked to the car holding back the tears. I had to lay down in the back seat for the ride home. I hadn’t realized I had no arm strength which is crazy since I had been lifting babies to toddlers for several years. 


Another time I had the opportunity to do the ropes course up in Hume Lake. My first obstacle was climbing a telephone pole. I was harnessed and someone had me on a lifeline. What I didn’t understand was when I got to the top, I was supposed to lift my body up using my arms and stand on top to leap for a trapeze bar.
I didn’t have any trouble climbing, for I was in the zone not thinking about anything going on around me. My mantra was one hand up, one foot up. When I reached the top and couldn’t continue the insane action of boosting myself up, I yelled down that I couldn’t do it.
The person down below said, “Just let go.”  Panicked I had forgotten I was on a lifeline.
I thought, are you kidding me? Let go? I yelled down that I couldn’t do that either.

The person below said, “I have you. Let go.” I still did not put two and two together.
 In an instant, an overwhelming peace surrounded me. The noise around me grew still and it felt like I was in a warm peaceful bubble. It would be okay because I knew Jesus was waiting for me. I closed my eyes opened my arms and fell backwards.
I have never felt that kind a peace since, but I know when the time comes that same peace will be waiting for me.
This is my conclusion to the blog challenge and it’s been a wonderful, but stress filled experience. I’m glad I finished and didn’t give up. The hardest part was coming up with a topic on the odd letters such as q, u and v plus posting two a week.

One positive outcome has been the ability to write something other than children’s stories, though sometimes I started to feel like a travel agent. Many times, it was hard to say what I wanted in just a few words.

So now the question is, where do I go from here? Do I continue with the blog? Besides writing about personal memories, I don’t think I have much to say that would interest others. I guess I could make up some stories maybe historical (or hysterical) fiction about my good old days. I don’t have a college degree where I could spout off wonderful ways to increase people’s abilities in whatever field I was an expert in.  So do I just stop and let the blog die? I hate being a quitter especially with something I created. Can this be a springboard for a future need? Anybody out there have any thoughts?

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