Down the street from the house, on the corner of a busy thoroughfare is a discount tire business owned by a guy named Frank. Both Kris and Naomi have gotten to know him quite well because when Lucy, their 12-year-old Plothound, decides to escape from her dog run and hop the fence, she always heads down to Frank’s. He then calls them to let them know she had come for a visit.

It was late afternoon and the work was finished for the day. We were enjoying a nice visit inside the cool house when someone pounded on the door. Not just a tap, tap, but a forceful hammering. All of us jumped at the sound and  Kris leaped up to open it. There stood a policeman. He asked if we were missing a dog.

Let me back up a bit. Lucy may be old but she acts like a teenager whereas Cali is a crippled old lady. Unfortunately, Lucy had trouble controlling herself and wanted to play/pounce on her. So we had to separate them as you do to children who can’t play nicely together. It was Cali’s turn to be in the backyard, so we know right away that it was her. She had just walked out the gate that someone forgot to close and took off. I don’t know maybe she was tired of traveling and was heading home. Our thoughts automatically when to the worst scenario, that she had been hit by a car and was dead.

Insert here an informational tidbit. Cali wore a harness in which Van could easily lift her in and out of the car or trailer.  Kris’s driveway is so steep that Cali had to have help to get up to or down from the house by holding on to her harness.

We couldn’t imagine how in the world she was able to get down it. I shudder to think that she stumbled and rolled all the way down to the street.

Okay again back to the policeman. Seeing her harness and knowing it wasn’t a stray, he had been going up the street knocking on doors.

Kris told him yes that was our dog and followed the policeman with Van coming quickly behind them. Down at the corner, another policeman was waiting with Cali. Van was relieved to see that she was alive. He thanked them for taking care of her and Kris just grabbed the harness and started walking back to the house as if he was carrying a suitcase. The policemen started laughing as they watched Kris march down the road. It would have been nice if Cali could have walked but without a leash, it would have taken them a half hour just to go 1 1/2 blocks.

From then on Cali was on a leash because they had to tear the fence down, but every time when we left to go back to the trailer, she acted like she was going to keep strolling down the road and it became a standing joke  “Do you want to go visit Frank?”

Just another adventure on our Trip of a Life Time. In the next installment, we continue the saga and decisions.





Julie Hoover · June 7, 2021 at 6:43 pm

Cali is hilarious and your God given talent to paint pictures with words sure brighten my day. ❤️

    G.S. Chambers · June 7, 2021 at 8:34 pm

    Thank you Julie for visiting my website! I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

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