I know it’s been a little while but where I went I didn’t have internet that was reliable most of the time.

So as the title reads so it was to be, a Trip of a Life Time. My husband and I finally went on our long-awaited “Retirement trip” to see our son who lives in North Carolina. We were supposed to have gone last year, but we all know what occurred and I’m sick of it so that is all I will say about it.

I want to say upfront that this is not a complaining story, but a ‘God watched over us’ story. All statements are true and would stand up in court. LOL

We were pulling a trailer which was super in that we had our own bathroom and didn’t have to worry if the rest areas were closed. As we traveled East most rest areas were open, some were downright amazing!  Unfortunately, our truck was close to capacity for pulling meaning we had to stop about every 150 miles for gas.

Our first incident happened as we pulled up to the pump in Needles CA and our truck died. Did we run out of gas? What’s going on we asked each other. Van filled it up, turned on the ignition, and put it in gear, it died again. He found after the third try if he revved up the engine he could get it to go. That wasn’t an easy trick when pulling the weight of the trailer. But as we tooled on down the highway it didn’t have any more problems, until the next time we stopped for gas.

We finally made it to our first night’s KOA camp. But oh how we dreaded starting the engine the next morning. Huh – No problems.

Heading to the next gas station, again same problem. Now we were getting a little worried whether we were to keep going or turn back. But thanks to watching “Roadkill” (these two guys fix up old cars and drive them to different parts of the country and invariable break down and have to fix things on the side of the road) we thought about adding some stuff to the gas tank.

Now the tricky part. How do you add that stuff when the nozzle doesn’t bend and it’s too big. Van tried using an empty water bottle cutting off the bottom, didn’t work. Then he found a clear plastic container in the trash that had a nozzle, that didn’t work. Finally, we stopped at a Walmart and bought a funnel.

We limped across New Mexico and Oklahoma and decided to make an appt. in Little Rock, Arkansas at a Ford dealer thinking it might be a sensor.

Well according to my word count, I’ve reached the limit of reading for most readers so watch for the next installment of this adventure.


Ben Jones · May 28, 2021 at 10:43 am

I’m glad I know the rest of the story, but I still find myself anxiously waiting for the rest of the story.

    G.S. Chambers · May 28, 2021 at 7:31 pm

    Thank you Ben for checking out my story and coming to my website.

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