Every blogger should have at least one story about a dog, so here is mine.

Oh, I’m sure she’s been in a few blogs when I wrote about our trip, but I haven’t shared this one since it only happened last night.

Here is the layout: we have a walkway to the back door which runs behind the couch. So Cali’s normal routine is to circle around behind then limp around to the front where we are sitting. Sometimes she stops to stare or give us the stink eye, then she heads for the door. We let her out and we let her in. (Can’t wait for cooler weather when we can leave the door open. We have a magnetic screen she knows how to maneuver through).

She then moves to her food bowl and gives it a good stare. She has this weird dinner dance which is the strangest thing to watch. Cali bobs her head, dipping her nose up and down touching the bowl, chews the lip of the bowl, and starts all over again. She will do this several times before she takes a bite. After a few tidbits, she drinks then starts her circling again. She heads to the door after 3 circuits and we let her out. I think it’s anywhere from 3-6 times we do this (Who is trained here LOL).

So you would figure she must have emptied out her system and we’ll get a good night’s sleep. NOT!

It’s easier to count how many nights she doesn’t get us up to let her out. Last night was not one of them.

Cali’s pillow is on my side of the bed so I get to listen to her scrabble around with her sheet (lighter weight than a blanket for a cripple) as she makes her “nest”. Then I listen to her slurp up some water, finally, I hear a snore.

Now, Van, my husband can go to sleep at the drop of a hat whereas it takes me sometimes an hour to drop off. So I’m almost to the zone when I hear her stirring and silly me I didn’t take my flashlight when I walked to the end of our bed and Cali has transferred herself right across my path. I catch myself and bang into the armoire which sounded like a hollow wooden bash.

Coming back from the bathroom, I climb back into bed just as Cali heads to the door. She messes with the curtain thinking it’s the magnetic screen door. When she got no response from us she headed over to a paper bag in the corner (this holds clean-up-doggie-messes paraphernalia). But she doesn’t just bump it she starts making a racket like she’s mad because I stepped on her and she is going to take it out on something that can’t fight back.

It was so comical that I laughed and kept on until my stomach hurt. I must have been really tired.

So tonight I will remember my flashlight!



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