We were tooling right along passing through each town and ticking away at the mileage. I was anxious to get this trip over with and get back to a normal routine. When things just seem to go wrong you soon lose the joy of the adventure. After three weeks I was ready.

There is a couple that lives a few houses down that is always coming home for a few weeks then taking off and be gone for a month. I just don’t know how they do it. Maybe it’s because I have so much going on in my life that being away from home is stressful.

I know, I know, take off and enjoy. Perhaps it’s all about what you do. Like setting up camp at a single destination and exploring all the things that place has to offer. Or not having a dog (even though I love her) along so you can go to a museum or shop at the stores.

This trip was a trial run since we hadn’t really gone anywhere. I take that back, we did travel to Colorado to take care of Van’s mother’s estate, and that wasn’t too bad. But the stress of running out of gas just keeps my stomach in a knot. My eyes are either on the gas tank or the map to find the closest gas station.

Anyway back to this trip of a Life Time. As usual, we hit the gas stations or ‘Truck Stops’ every 150 miles to be on the safe side. We had pulled in and filled up the tank. When we started it up, if you guessed that it died on us you would’ve received a free trip to the sand dunes. Yep, that sick feeling came back. Why was this happening? We couldn’t add the fix-it stuff until we stopped again to fill up. I wanted to scream or hit something, but that wouldn’t solve the problem. So I prayed instead.

Van had a theory and we tested it. All the time we were in North Carolina we didn’t have any issues. But back on the road, we did. His thoughts were the gas was bad at the truck stops for the autos. He started going to where the locals got gas and we didn’t have any more problems. Was he right? We’ll never know until the next road trip, which I’m not even thinking about it.

The last uh oh on the trip was as we reached Arizona we heard about the gas pipeline being shut down. That was happening where we had just come from. Can you imagine the thought of being stranded in a strange town, not sure if you had a place to park? Oh if nothing else this just shows that God truly was watching over us!!

Well, this is the last installment of a Trip of a Life Time. I hope you enjoyed reading the story, as much as I had writing it. In all things give thanks to the Lord and I praise Him for His blessings on a safe, although, dramatic trip.


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