I guess I used all my words up writing about my trip and besides nothing exciting was happening. Oops, shouldn’t have thought that because things started popping.

My book 4 just came out. ‘Trouble at the Pond’. I love the cover from Keith Silvas and the illustrations are wonderful thanks to Faith. But can’t stop now I’m typing my fingers to the bone on book 5 (not yet named) which won’t be out until next spring sometime.

The next big exciting deal which I’m super excited about was getting a commission to make 200 cards for our financial adviser. He wanted Thanksgiving cards to send to his clients and he also mentioned thank you cards, but we shall see.

The greeting card sales at church have picked up so I’m kept busy replacing them.

Another exciting God-given idea has blossomed into a line of Hispanic cards for our growing church. With the help of Brenda the wife of our Spanish ministry director, she translated the sentiments and messages for the outside and inside of the cards. I worked on designing and crafting all the card fronts and now I’m putting them together.

This procedure is quite different than the norm, and I must admit it‘s very challenging. To design them then figure out which one fits with which message is tough. Usually, I work on the design with the message in mind, but I had to wait for the translations., however, they are turning out really nice.

All while working on the 200 Thanksgiving cards, publishing my book, making the Spanish cards I also decided that wasn’t enough work so I’m moving all my crafting into one room. My husband thought was spoiled having two rooms,(not really) but I needed all that space. What changed my mind?

The front bedroom is the guest bedroom so every time we have someone visiting, I have to shove all my crafting supplies into nooks and crannies with the possibility of not remembering where I put everything. I did lose a couple of stamp sets but recovered them by accident. LOL. Besides erasing all signs of card making, I lost time gathering it all up and putting the room back into a creative haven.

Well, my beloved granddaughters will be here each month up until Christmas and I just couldn’t face moving everything then setting it back up then. . . You get the picture.

The only drawback is I used the bed as one big designing center. I will miss that. But I’m crafty I’ll figure it out.

I’m bummed. My printer just died! Now working on the Spanish cards is on hold until I  buy a new one which must be sooner rather than later. I’ll look on the bright side I get to go on a shopping spree!

Well, this is the next day from the last paragraph and that shopping spree was a super dud. I went to Office Depot to pick up a printer and a chair and came out with a mouse. LOL. They didn’t have any laserJet’s in stock nor did the HP website have any. I guess I could have purchased the $699.00 model but that wasn’t in my budget. I went to Best Buy again not a thing in stock. I never knew that printers were such a hot commodity! I finally found one on Amazon and am lucky it will be delivered new week. Some of the printers couldn’t be delivered until November.

Funny side note. I got on my square to make an invoice for my mom and realized I CAN”T PRINT!!!

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