What I have learned in the last couple of weeks is not to let what is going on in the world around me to rob my joy.

I guess it started right after I said goodbye to my last visitor for Thanksgiving which was my son Kris and his wife Naomi. It just felt as if a bubble deflated when we parted ways, they to the airport and us back home. After having a lively week of all my kids and granddaughters around, the house felt very quiet and empty.

It’s easy to slide into the doldrums and it’s difficult to pinpoint the reason for that dip, or more specific recognizing the slide itself. Of course the beautiful foggy gray weather (which I love) doesn’t help.

So as I sat in my little workroom with only Christmas Music to keep me company (Van was out in the garage working on a project) I went to the Lord in prayer, asking for safe journeys for those traveling. Then I began to count my blessings. God has so richly blessed us and I’m not talking financially, but in all areas of my life. When you count your blessings it’s hard to stay in the doldrums. God is sovereign, meaning He is in charge and he has promised never to leave me nor abandon me. I am his and he is mine. You just got to have joy over that!



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