That is the question isn’t it? Where do I want to begin this journey of blogging? I guess it’s been around eight years ago when I started writing my stories. Many have asked what made you want to write a book? I have to be honest. I don’t know. I’ve always loved to read, but write a story? I was not the best student in school, in fact, grammar and punctuation were my worst subjects. So I’ve come to the conclusion that God had something to do with it. One day a story started to flow and I just typed away, and the creation of  “Tadpoles on the Loose” was written. This series tells a lot about me because it is riddled with life experiences turned into talking animals, singing turtles and a grumpy toad.

About four years ago I did a blog challenge with Writers of Kern. They were the first non-fiction writing I had ever done. I’m mostly in a fantasy land with frogs, beavers and the rest of the crew in my children series “It takes a Pond”. My webmaster was kind enough to download the posts, so enjoy reading them.

In my next post, I want to share a short story about my Dad and why I’ve added “Dad’s Corner” to my website. It was published in the 2018 Writers of Kern Anthologies. My Dad passed away in November of that year.

As the dedication of my books, he was an inspiration, prayer warrior and mentor to my writing. This is just a small part of the many great memories I had with him.


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