The next morning, Monday, we headed out to visit some pre-built sheds. In the part of North Carolina where my son lives there’s a bunch of little towns a few miles apart connected by state routes. Do you remember my explanation of their road system? Well, that is what we traveled on. The first road led to the next road which then took us to another road and we hopscotched across the land. Kind of reminds me of that song ‘The hip bone’s connected to the – thigh bone and the thigh bone’s. . .’

Another interesting observational tidbit is it felt surreal, my surroundings felt foreign to me. By no means am I criticizing anyone’s state, home, way of life, or how things are run, I just felt like I was in another country. Out here where I live we have highways to connect to highways and big wide streets. The most rural county route I travel on is considered a highway. Oh, and outside of Bakersfield, there aren’t a massive amount of trees lining the roads, but we do have orchards. Then again they are evenly spaced and you can see down the rows. What surprised me was how my son navigated the hopscotch of routes without a GPS.

So here we are tooling along this county route with trees on either side then – bam!! out we pop into a wide-open space, with not a tree in sight. A small business or cafe or you name it is situated at a crossroad and there isn’t a town in sight. Matter of fact no homes either at least what I can see because many homes are hidden behind the trees.  I’m in awe of the fact that these places make a living. Then the bubble pops and we’re back in the trees.

After an hour (I didn’t time it, but that’s what it felt like) we reached our first stop. There were two sheds that caught Kris’s eye but once we saw the measurements, he knew they wouldn’t work for the site he had planned. It felt like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears where one was too big and the other too small, so I was waiting for that just right one.

Well, it wasn’t there. So off we went to the next one and I can’t tell you where it was because of course without my GPS I had no clue. Were we heading back the way we came or going in a different direction, who knows?

The next business had one that with a roll-up garage door and Kris really liked that, but it only had one window. But Kris talked to the manager anyway to see how much it was. Get this, even though the delivery was free they wouldn’t give the price until you signed a contract. Now, how crazy is that? Reminds me about the health bill they wanted to pass in congress where you had to pass it before you could read it!

It was frustrating for Kris because each shed had an aspect he liked, but either it was the wrong size, wrong configuration, etc.

So what did our son finally decide? Stay tuned to the next installment of a Trip of a Life Time.



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