So far the weather had been lovely. Cool enough that we didn’t need our air conditioner which was a good thing because we didn’t have the amperage for it. Also, it was a bonus for working outside.  Kris had brought home some, I guess you would call it concrete gravel. After making sure the ground was level they started dumping the gravel and raking it out. Kris borrowed a small compactor and they stamped it down, checked for the level and stamped it some more. I was surprised at how quiet that little machine was.

Also because of how much rain they get (take for instance every day this week of June 10- they have at least a 40-60% chance of rain. There chances usually result in rain. Here in Bakersfield, it would just be another sunny day.) Anyway Kris was thinking ahead and had put in a drain pipe that would be buried under the shed.

Now they were ready for some fun stuff. Wood crafting has been a love for of all the men in my family. My dad loved to carve figures, Van builds you name it. For instance, I have two live-edge tables and one table made specifically to display an old Otis governor, Jeremy builds guitars, Kris loves making furniture items, and Matt, huh I think it skipped him. But he is a great Dad who would do anything for his little girls including braiding hair, playing soccer, and taking them to swim lessons. So I’ll give him a pass.

We again were off for another visit to Lowe’s this time to buy wood to make a retaining wall. I know it’s not some fancy kind of woodworking, but hey it’s measuring, cutting, and nailing the pieces together. They even did a fancy end cut to make a nice transition from two layers down to one.

They were looking for the pretreated thick 4 x 4 (I think. I’m really not sure of the size, I was just going along for the ride) We weren’t sure if any were in stock due to the shortage, but we did find some. The wood selection and quantities were low, but thank goodness what we wanted, nobody else was buying.

I have to say that was a busy Lowes store even compared to the one by my house, which has a lot of activity especially on weekends or nice days. At that store, people were coming and going, circling the lot and loading. Kris said the parking lot was always full,  all day long and every day. We had to wait for two other vehicles to get loaded before we could pull in and throw our wood into the back of the pickup.

When we got back I went to the trailer to work on my projects and they went finished theirs. By Saturday it was all done, but finishing as Van liked to say. All that was needed was the shed to be delivered.

What did Sunday bring? I’ll let you know in the next post.


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