What are the good ole days? How far back do you need to go to give them this title? I have to say that the good ole days to me incorporate strong feelings of happiness, contentment, and well-being. If you trust that the Lord is in control then every day would be a good ole day.

Even through times of trouble or trials, we can find peace. I remember when Kris was in the Marines and his platoon was headed to Iraq. They actually were the first Light Armored Vehicles to cross the border. I plastered my friends and family with prayer cards and gave his safety into the only hands that could determine what would happen to him. An unreal peace surrounded me throughout his deployment. Many asked how I was handling it and I would say “Well, I can worry about him, but then I would be taking him out of God’s hands who is able to protect him. Could I do more to protect Kris then God?”

Let’s consider what we are going through right now. Isn’t it the perfect time to trust in God’s sovereignty over our lives. He is able to take care of us more than we can. Sure we can social distance, wear masks, and be obsessive in cleaning, but are you at peace? I would rather put my trust in the LORD than in my own feeble attempts.

Am I saying to be reckless? Absolutely not for God gave us a brain and common sense. I have been sequestered (I like that better than shelter in place) for my shelter is in the shadows of the Almighty Ps. 91, and I have only been to the grocery once since March 16th. But I am happy, well and content for God has determined my days and I plan on being thankful for each one of them.

I would be dishonest if I stopped here. I had several things planned like a retirement party for Van, a big long trip across the US to visit family, a presentation to kids about my book, and being a convention vendor to sell my books. All these were my plans and I was upset when the current situation disrupted them. I was not in a happy place. Realizing this, I had to stop the anger and give it to God. He must have a better plan then what I was cooking up.

But now it’s all good. So what if my hair is shaggy and in need of a cut. So what if I’m creaky and have a few headaches because I’ve missed my chiropractic appointments. I have plenty to eat and plenty of toilet paper. God has provided the essentials.









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