I’m not talking about the odds in gambling because I wouldn’t know the first thing about it, except I’m bad at it. On the one and only occasion that I had the opportunity to gamble, I spent a couple of hours trying to lose $20.00 in nickel slot machine just so I could go to bed. Wrong concept right?
No, I want to talk about the odds in life.
What were the odds that my husband, who was born in Iowa, but raised in a town north of Denver would open up the yellow pages, close his eyes and point to a church to attend. And what were the odds that I being a military brat, who moved every year, but ended up in Denver and attended that church he chose. Coincidence? 
I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in divine paths. My career goal was to be a wife and mother. God blessed me with a wonderful husband of 37 years and three awesome young men. So the odds were in my favor according to the path God placed in front of me.
What were the odds that while pregnant and having gestational diabetes that all three of boys would be born healthy? I went through all three pregnancies without the doctor ever telling me the consequences. Later I read that while I was scarfing down those donuts I was stealing insulin from my babies. I could have killed them.  No it was not coincidences, but divine intervention.
What are the odds that my boys all came to know the Lord as their savior and even when they weren’t walking with him on a daily basis God watched over them. My husband and I dedicated our sons to the Lord when they were small and placed them in God’s hands. All we did was teach them who God was and about His love for them. I believe God honored that. When they committed unpleasant acts, they always got caught 100% of the time. It was uncanny really, but they learned their lessons and never repeated them. To be honest it was upsetting to me, but again they were just dumb teenagers. Thank the Lord they grew out of being such nincompoops.
When my middle son left to go to Iraq, I had prayer cards made and passed them out to family and friends. When he returned, he told me a story that sent chills down my spine. He told me that one time they were under friendly fire and it was moving closer to his position. He knew the next one was going to hit, but the bombardment stopped God is a God who answers prayer.
What are the odds? 100%

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