We made it to the KOA camp in Anderson SC that evening without seeing any funnel clouds, but the coming storm had kept us company.

KOA campgrounds, in my opinion, are divided into different groups. Ones that are next to train tracks, ones that are just off the highway, and ones that you go into the back country hoping to find it. But I have to say they are all well advertised and have great big signs letting you know you made it.

Because on our journey out there and going home we only stayed one night at each park, I always reserved a pull-through. Easy to hook up and you don’t have to unhitch the trailer. That night was no different. But what we didn’t expect was so much rain.

The first thing we found out was a leak in the vent over the toilet. Wasn’t that a surprise in the middle of the night! Van patched it somewhat and kept the leak down to a drip instead of a dribble. We prayed for the rain to stop, but it didn’t that night.

After our light dinner, we thought we‘d watch a movie because the internet was spotty. As soon as the movie started the rain came down like cats and dogs. They were literally pounding on the roof of the trailer with thunder and lightning keeping time. It was so loud that we had the TV turned up to the max of 100 and we still couldn’t hear it well enough to understand what was going on. My husband said we might as well go to bed and read instead of torturing ourselves because the main character had a mustache and we couldn’t read his lips.

But even with all that pounding and worrying about the leak I slept like a baby.

The next day as we made our way to the other side of Georgia we started seeing a trend. We didn’t think about it when the first batch drove past, but when the second then the third swept past us we took notice. There were 4 work trucks and 1 pickup with each set. On the doors, it said the name of the Electric company out of Nashville.

They were linemen heading who knows where and we lost count of how many went past us that day.

The next day we headed north toward Mississippi and we saw the same thing, but these were a different company from Memphis. Somewhere south of us, a lot of power lines were down, but we didn’t know where. There didn’t seem to be any outages along the highways we were traveling on, so we kept right on going.

Yep, we were heading home, but trouble was just around the bend.

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