True it’s been weeks, but I have a good excuse. Well, maybe not for the whole time, but for part of it.  I will try to get up to speed after I’ve caught up with everything. I feel like I’m running the mile going 2 feet per minute.

First I would like to thank all who prayed for Van and me as we headed to Colorado to take care of his mother’s estate. Which I can say is still not totally finished. One thing I can thank the Lord for is she had a Living Trust in which it did not have to go through the courts. Unfortunately, some things will have to go through probate. But in all, she has been laid to rest.

I am grateful for Ben and his family for taking care of things while we were gone. And praise the Lord they were around because our hot water heater decided to go kaput. Thankfully it was in the garage so no damage to the house.

I loved seeing my Rocky Mountains again, but with this COVID thing, it left a pall over the whole thing. No restaurants were open and fast food gets a little heavy when all you do is sit. I have called Colorado my home state, but I guess I’m a visitor now because it didn’t feel like home at all.

I really missed my church family and was so glad to get back and see them and hear my pastor preach. Until you can’t go do you understand what you are missing.  I was able to make the ladies luncheon where Pastor Steve spoke about fear and anxiety. Boy, what a message for today’s world. He really hit the nail on the head. It’s all about trusting God.

I would also like to thank all who wished me a happy birthday. That was a nice surprise. I got to speak to all three sons and FaceTimed with my granddaughter. Our birthdays are only 4 days apart so she understood what it was all about. I enjoyed going to Tahoe Joe’s for a steak lunch but filled up on Camp shrimp and soup that my steak and all the Fixin’s were brought home.

Weeks have just flown by and I can’t account for them. I’m working on another card project, purging and cleaning the house, and of course, working on my books. I wake up in the morning and before you know it’s time to climb back into bed.

I’m needing to close now or nothing will get posted. I hope to post another one of my Dad’s stories. I was able to get the rest of them from my mom. I could hardly pick the box up. I’m looking forward to going through them.


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