How many days are given to you by God? We don’t know this but each day when I wake I thank my Lord for another day.

In the last post I told about my accident in the pool in Spain. This was just one incident for which I came close to death. I’m sure if you would look back on your life you can remember some things that happened and you just said, “Wow I was lucky!” Well I don’t attribute them to luck but the providence of God.

Dr. Jeremiah spoke a phrase that he had heard, “As a Christian you are invincible until the Lord calls you home.”

I started thinking about that. It doesn’t mean you can do crazy things like walk out into traffic, because you may find that your day was up. No I’m talking about the things that happened that should have been deadly, but you survived.

I’ve had several. The first one was of course almost drowning. The next one that stood out to me was the time my church choir from Colorado was on tour with a short stint down into Mexico and we came up to California to have a day at Disneyland before heading home. It was early evening and a group of the girls left the hotel, (yes we had permission) we were heading to a corner drugstore. We walked across the hotel parking lot which was next to an alley. A cement block for a parking space was the only barrier between the alley and the hotel lot. I was in front (as short as I am I’m always in front) I stepped over the block, took one step into the alley when a —all I can call it was a force—pushed me backwards against the other girls. A car came out from nowhere and ripped down the alley. I believe my guardian angel again saved my life that day.

My next incident was stupid on my part, but boy did I learn a big lesson. It was a cold, snowy day and I was on my way to work. I was very impatient with the crawling slowness of traffic. On a two lane street in a downtown neighborhood I saw my chance and I took off to pass the car in front of me. I hit a sheet of ice, spun around out of control, missed several trees and landed on someone’s front lawn. Nothing broken on me or the car, just a nervous shudder at what could have happened.

The last one I’ll tell about is coming home from skiing and I-70 was just ice, ice, ice. I didn’t see the car until it slid clear across my path sideways, hitting the guardrail and heading back across in front me. Well I didn’t think twice I took the next exit and slowly drove from North Denver to south Denver on side streets. Yes a couple of hours later I made it home.

In Psalm 139:16 it says that God has numbered my days and I’m grateful for everyone of them, the good and the bad.


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