A while back I wrote how I got into writing. I’m still amazed when I’m editing my books that I really wrote the storyline. I can’t explain it. I feel like it was someone else who wrote them and I just plugged the words into the computer. But in each character, I see a part of myself or an experience I had or something that made a big impression on me. The funny thing is just a week or so ago I finally realized that Van is Seymour and I’m Freddy.  When I told Van this he gave me the look that said ‘You just now figured that out?’ So I must have written them, right?

I know when I say that God laid it upon my heart, people must think “Oh she’s just saying that He really doesn’t do that kind of stuff.” You can believe what you want, but I know there was no desire to do anything other than raise my boys, work at school and sing at church.

You are probably wondering where this is going because what I’ve been rambling on about has nothing to do with the title. But it does. I wanted to explain this phenomenon of writing. My desire, when the words started to flow, was to write something that children would enjoy and also teach in a roundabout way how to deal with situations in a moral way. I wanted the kids to use their imagination and visualize the scenes, not just read the words and take a test. I wanted them to get excited about reading.

A friend, who I hadn’t heard from in 20 years found me in an old address book and called. I was so surprised to hear from her. After several calls and texts, we got caught up. I told her about my books and she wanted her granddaughters to have them.

Just this week she texted me that her granddaughter who loved to play long-distance video games with her cousin decided she would rather read my books. I’m not trying to give myself a pat on the back. What I’m trying to say is this is exactly what I wanted the results of writing to be.

When I was a kid we had very little in the realm of entertainment. There were black and white cartoons, books, toys, and playing outside. No computer this or that. Reading was a way to see what was beyond my home and it developed my imagination. So for a child to decide to read instead of playing video games, I’d say it was “Mission Accomplished”.




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