How many of you have dreams that stick with you for days? Can you remember some dreams years later? My mom, Charlene says she doesn’t dream but does she dream and just not remember them?

I’ve had several dreams in my youth that I can remember what they were about to this day. They all encompass things that I was afraid of such as worms. Yuck, I can’t even look at them let alone touch them. I would be a lousy partner to go fishing with. Drowning is another fear. My Dad was stationed in Germany so we went to Spain for a vacation when I was four. I’d somehow evaded my parents (I was fast) and went down to the swimming pool to wash my seashells. Leaning over, well you get the picture. If it hadn’t been for a Spanish boy pulling me out, I guess I wouldn’t be writing this piece. I’m working on a story about a  dream that comes to my mind every time I see deep water. Then there’s ants. I hate ants, well I hat ants now but when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I played with them. This started the dreams of them crawling all over me. My poor Dad had to shake my bed linens out every other night because I just knew they were in my bed.

I’ve had a couple of dreams recently that stayed with me. Though parts have faded some are as real as if it happened in the here and now. This dream story is called “Andrew”. I’ve taken what I remember and expanded it. It was also chosen to be published in our WOK (Writers of Kern) Anthologies.

To read the story please visit my website “Discovery the World of G.S. Chambers” at


CynB · March 21, 2020 at 7:38 pm

Everyone dreams even if they don’t remember. I remember many dreams, a lot from when I was kid, too. Nice post, Gay. 🙂

    G.S. Chambers · March 22, 2020 at 6:31 am

    I agree with you, everybody dreams. I feel sorry for those like my mom who can’t remember because I think they are missing out. But I can’t beat my Mom’s intuition. She really has insight that if she listens to it and follows her instincts things go well. Such as when she felt that my Dad should get out of the Army when he had a chance, he would not have gone to Vietnam and been shot. But then again, all things are in God’s hands. Many have come to know the Lord because of his witness and strength through that trying time.

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