Before I start posting my Dad’s stories, I would like you to get to know who he was. He was born in 1924 and was one of six boys. Bless my grandmother for what she had to put up with. He moved around from town to town as his father, a railroad employee changed to different areas. They always lived next to the railroad in what is called a “rail house” until my grandfather retired and bought a farm. They along with my mother lived through the dustbowl days but stayed in Oklahoma.

When WWII broke out all six boys joined one service or another and they all returned from the war, which was very unusual for a family to have all come home healthy and whole. My Dad and his younger brother stayed in the service, Dad in the Army and my Uncle in the Air Force.

While Dad was in the hospital after being shot in Vietnam he went to computer classes learning how to program. When he retired from the military after 30 years of service, he worked for several years in two different companies. When he retired again from civilian work, my parents moved to Arizona where he took up writing and painting.

He went to writing class twice a week and painted in his studio when he wasn’t writing stories. He seemed to always find something to write about. All the stories are his own creations with just a few minor corrections from Grammarly (we all need Grammarly LOL).


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