I’m calling this a Ramble Plus because I started another piece called the Ramble about having writer’s block. The part below I cut and put it here because my emoji was telling me I was really angry. Well, it wasn’t about this part because now my emoji is telling me that I’m confident. Go figure. Maybe I’ll go back to that draft to find out why I’m so angry. LOL

I’m pulling a blank right now, with this blog post so I’ll take the person’s advice and just start typing. How are ya’ll doing out there?  I’m doing pretty good and sometimes that can be a scary thing. I used to think “things are going so well when is the other shoe going to drop.” Well, I think it did, just look at everything going on in the world. You would surmise that I would be worried or depressed or you name it, but I’m feeling very content. Except I just heard about a flesh-eating bacteria in our oceans. But let’s not talk about that.

I guess you can contribute my contentment to not watching the news about the sky falling, but keeping my eyes on the one who is in control. God is not a God of fear. Fear defeats and takes over. If you believe like I do that God takes care of even the basic needs of an animal, a bird, or even a flower, how much more does he care for you? I heard a pastor say that a believer is invincible until God calls him home. We all have a specific number of days for a life that God has given us, he even knows how many hairs I have on my head. So then why should I fear?

Don’t get me wrong. I have to constantly remind myself that I can trust God with everything. Every time my mind wanders into the troubles I start to get angry then I must back out with the thoughts on how God has blessed me. It is a continual battle. Why can’t I just stay in that frame of mind? And no I don’t believe I’m burying my head in the sand, I’m just choosing to trust Him.

The older I get the more I see this world in a different light. I see the beauty that God created and I see what sin has done to it. Can you imagine what a tree would look like without any dead leaves? I can’t because I’ve been looking and every single tree has at least one dead leaf. LOL


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CynB · August 10, 2020 at 11:04 pm

I feel the same as you, Gay. 🙂

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