Now this is something I’m personally acquainted with. I have been xanthous all my life, and according to the young woman who takes care of my xanthous, I will stay in that range as I grow older. Most of my friends aren’t xanthous, but I don’t hold that against them.
What is xanthous? It is someone who has yellow or red hair. Mine tends to be more yellow than red, but I do have red undertones.
My mother was called “cotton top” when she was growing up. Not until she was in her thirties did she turn a little yellow, but today she is back to being a cotton top. My mom was lucky that she didn’t go through the stages of going gray. She went straight to white. My Hair Stylist says I am following my mother’s pattern.
When my oldest was born, his hair was so light it sparkled like silver, but when he hit puberty, it went to a darker blonde. My youngest was born with the same color, but he has stayed white. His football coaches in high school used to call him Q-Tip due to his pure white air and skinny body frame. Funny thing about him is his facial hair is red. My middle son was born with auburn hair, went blonde while growing up and went back to auburn when he hit 30.
In reading about blonde or xanthous hair, it is rare to be a natural blonde later in life. Only 16% stay that color, most will darken as my oldest son did. Over the last say, seven years I succumbed to the thrill of having my hair weaved with some color.
Being a blonde was getting to be a bore. In fact, my Hair Stylist encouraged me to add a touch of pink. That was fun. Made me feel a little rebellious in a hair kind of way. I’m thinking of a little turquoise this summer.
Don’t believe the old adage that blondes have more fun, they were just trying to sell a bottle of bleach. I think my brunette, brown-eyed friend had way more fun than I did. 
Therefore, whether you are xanthous, black, or brunette it’s just hair so have a little fun with experimentation. It will grow back.

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