After leaving Aberdeen NC we headed south to travel through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas to meet back with the 40. If you could highlight the map it would show us zigging and zagging our way home. It wasn’t a straight shot like it was going to NC.

So now my nose was stuck in the big atlas along with the GPS. By the way, Kris got me using Google Maps instead of mapquest. The downside was Google isn’t connected to my Apple Watch which would give me a heads up on directions or turns. But the upside was google wouldn’t lead me down a rabbit trail, well I’m hoping not. That would remain to be seen.

As we crossed the border into South Carolina the weather changed also. Dark gray clouds moved toward us as we made our way to the KOA camp on the border of South Carolina and Georgia. Of course, the wind picked up too. Between the semi’s and the side wind, Van had a difficult time keeping us from swerving all over the lane.

It was getting close to lunch so I punched in Cracker Barrel (it was our main staple. LOL. I think we only ate in two other places on the whole journey. We were determined to try everything on their menu.) We weren’t far from one, but now it started to rain.

Speaking of weather. We left Bakersfield wearing our winter jackets all the way to NC and then didn’t have to put them back on, so all our weatherproof clothing was stored in the trailer and not in the back seat.

Pulling into the lot the rain let up enough that we could make a run for it without getting drenched. I don’t know if you know this, but it is a fact that the raindrops on the east coast are huge whereas on the west coast they are pin dots. So when it rains here, it’s a gully washer. One time on another trip we had to pull off the highway because even with the wipers going full speed it was a blur and you couldn’t see in front of you. Kind of like a snow blizzard (been in a few of those) without the cold. It was touch and go whether we would have to pull over.

Just as we were served our meal all the phones in the whole restaurant bleeped the jarring amber alert except it wasn’t a child being kidnapped it was a tornado watch. Van and I quickly looked around to see what everyone was going to do. Well, they continued to eat and never broke the rhythm of taking the next bite.

Van and I anxiously watched our phones and yep another alert came this time it was a warning. Again nobody moved other than their fork to their mouths.  My mother had lived in Kansas and when the sirens went off you ran to the root cellar.

Van decided we should finish quickly and get back on the road. He went to the truck to walk Cali, while I paid the bill. Two ladies behind me said that a tornado had just touched down a few miles away near their children’s school. Thank goodness that wasn’t the direction we were heading in. I have to say for the next few hours my eyes were lifted upward, not in prayer (well of course I was praying like crazy) but watching for funnel signs.

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