I love my Apple Watch, but sometimes I want to just rip it off my wrist. Like today. It started out that it kept pestering me to update. I tried that once and then twice. Each time it failed. Today was a little different though. It wouldn’t take no for an answer and it just went off on its little tangent.

In case you don’t have one. You must put it on the charger and place your iPhone next to it. I did that for say 10 hours, from 8:00 to 6:00. It wouldn’t update, it rejected my password (several times). It wouldn’t install. That took up most of the time telling me it was installing. And it refused all my advances to pair up with my phone.

Of course, the Apple store at the mall is temporarily closed, so my next recourse was to see about online help. I didn’t want to spend my last few hours talking to someone and end up not getting anything accomplished.

Then miraculously it gave me an option to factory reset. Thank the Lord it worked. I did lose all my settings, but they were having their own issues. My exercise ring quit working, half the time it wouldn’t let me know I had a text message and it finally quit recording my workouts.

I know, I know what in the world did we do before these gadgets took over our lives. I never realized how many times I used that watch until I had to leave it on the charger for 10 hours, along with my phone.

So if anyone tried to get a hold of me, you now know the reason I didn’t answer you.

Well after all that I have a headache and I’m turning off my technology. Have a great week!

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