Okay, so I left off with us arriving in Little Rock, Arkansas. We had an appointment to take the truck to the dealer and since not knowing the town, we parked our trailer at the KOA and GPS it. Then we decided to drive the route so we would know where to take it at 7:30 A.M. Because of Cali, our Senior Dog, I stayed at the trailer with her while Van drove it in. We had hoped they would’ve had a courtesy car, but no luck so Van hung out in the lounge. It didn’t take long though to find there wasn’t anything wrong with it. The mechanic thought the gunk we had put into the tank fixed the problem, and since there was nothing they could do they didn’t charge anything! This surprised us, as here we were some out-of-staters and they could have hit us with a nice $200 bill, but they didn’t. That was a blessing!

Here is an interesting side note that we don’t see in California ‘The road ices before the bridge! Huh, I haven’t experienced that. We had bridges in Colorado, but they didn’t have those signs. We must have crossed 1000 + bridges throughout this journey. It was interesting to see the variations of how the different states stated the same thing.

Back to the story. We left Little Rock and headed into Tennessee and somehow in Nashville, we got lost. I dislike that they change from I-40 to I-240 and so on. We had to get off to turn around and get back on the 40 but realized there wasn’t an immediate on-ramp. Good grief! We toured a very nice old neighborhood with extremely narrow streets and after a couple of turns here and there we got back on and made it out of Nashville.

Did I mention that the whole United States is revamping I-40? So you can imagine what traffic must have been like. Now I’m not saying it was bad that they were fixing their roads because some of them had our trailer bucking like a Bronco. But just the merging and stuff are enough to, okay so you get the picture. Well, Tennessee was no different.

Each day I would get on Safari to book our next KOA stop. This time around, I received a text saying that the camp wanted our ETA because they locked the gates at 5:30. WHAT GATES??? None of the KOA’s had gates, let alone lock them. I texted them saying we would be there at such and such a time. Then we hit the first of the major slowdowns. Creeping along we watched the clock race ahead. Oh, I forget the time zone change. Okay, now I’m panicking. I called them and told them we are coming, but traffic isn’t helping. We finally sped up and I thought all was well, then the next slowdown and the next and the clock was picking up speed. I called again and told them where we were and begged them not to lock the gates.

Well, here I am again at the word count. Stay tuned to the next installment.


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