Grateful = to be indebted to, to be thankful for, to be beholden to. The title speaks volumes to me. I could start a list of what I’m grateful for, but I don’t think it would fit on this post. However, at this moment I can think of a number of things that I can praise the Lord about.

I’m grateful for a Pastor who teaches the Bible, the true word of God, and helps me to comprehend it’s meaning. I’m grateful for our church family that is growing by leaps and bounds. You have to understand one thing. I don’t care about numbers, I’ve been in mega churches where you could pass through the halls and never see the same person twice. What I’m thrilled about is listening to them and hearing the excitement as if they have been searching for the truth and finally found it. My problem is that there is so many new ones I’m having a hard time meeting them all, but I’m working on it!

I’m grateful for the delight of my granddaughters. Hearing my 2 1/2 year old saying “Hi Nana! Hi Pops!” That just thrills my heart. Watching my 1 1/2 year old’s face light up when she sees me and recognizes me. Just getting my daily glimpses of my newest one and how much she has changed in just a few months.

I’m grateful for my 91 year old Mother who texts me every morning on an old model cellphone where she has to spell out the words one letter at  a time. I’m grateful she made it through another night and is ready to start her day heading to her job. Yes she still drives (and good at it) and she works every day at a thrift store that supports a food bank.

I’m grateful for retirement where I can spend my day doing the things I enjoy. Unfortunately I’ve expressed already about the time factor so I won’t go into that.

I’m grateful for a wonderful husband who supports my endeavors and is always there when I need help. (You know – please can you get that down for me? LOl) Joking aside, there has been so much to be grateful for in the past 43 years of marriage to this God believing man.

I’m grateful for the sunshine, the rain, the beautiful display of clouds, a warm jacket against the chill of the morning, a friend texting encouragements, a good laugh, a smile from a stranger, just to mention a few.

I guess I can’t forget those times of trials that helps grow my faith in the Lord. Those are hard, but looking back I see His work in my life.

Like I said this post couldn’t possibly hold all that I’m grateful for and this is just a sprinkling of God’s love and faithfulness.

So what are you grateful for?

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