The next day, Tuesday, Van, and Kris headed to a couple of more places and then returned for lunch. After looking at what was available he was even more bummed. Nobody could deliver anything, anywhere for at least 2 – 6 weeks from the time of purchase.

He had hoped that they could deliver while we were there so he and his dad could get things moved in and organized. Again after some discussion, Kris decided to go back to the first place that had good prices and order one.

He came home and said he got a 20 x 12, a  roll-up door, three windows, a man door and they would paint it to match the house. Every feature from all the sheds was rolled into one workshop. But the downside was they couldn’t deliver for 5 -6 weeks. With a little encouraging word, I told him that this was God’s blessing, to get everything for the same price it was for the others that had only half the features. His face brightened when he looked at it from that perspective.

Now the serious work was about to begin. His house is on a steep slope so if they didn’t do any improvements, then one end would be 2 feet off the ground. So obviously they wanted to lower that to maybe 1 foot. This entailed digging into the bank and making it level. The bad part was the rock-hard clay soil. With shovels and picks, they began the arduous job.

As in any undertaking of a job, several things happened that caused hiccups in the smooth operation. As they needed to move the dirt using a trailer hooked onto the back of Kris’ tractor lawnmower, its tires were the first casualties. So we needed to get new tires. (Side note) remind me to buy some stock in Lowe’s, even though on this shopping trip they didn’t have the right size, we must have visited the store 6-8 times over the course of a few days. Van and I ended up going to Tractor Supply and getting a whole new bucket. Even though they had a wide variety of tires, they just didn’t have the right size.

The digging continued and by Thursday they were making headway. But again they hit a snag, well it wasn’t really a snag but they chopped through the internet wire. And this was not the best day to have done that. Remember Naomi was finishing up her “online class” with a major final to take on “Thursday” “Online!!”? Yep, Kris was in the dog house, but her father-in-law came to the rescue. He spliced the wire together and when 6 o’clock rolled around Naomi was madly tapping away.

Side note – She passed with flying colors and at the top of her class. North Carolina is the hardest state to get a realtor license. The next test was the State Board which took her the full 4 hours, but again passed only missing 5 questions. Now she has to enroll in a 30-hour post-class to get the full license not just the provisional one. I’m very proud of this young woman!

Anyway, the guys still weren’t done with the operation. What came next? I’m glad you asked. I’ll tell you in the next installment.




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