So this was the first part of the blog that I just posted called A Rample plus.

I wanted to discuss the writer’s block. But my block is a bit different than the dictionary would describe.

Do you know what they say about writer’s block? Don’t think, just start typing and it will come to you. Well, I’m typing and so far it hasn’t come to me.

If you know me you probably realize I don’t have a problem with starting up a conversation. I’m uncomfortable with silence so anybody around me is fair game, especially on elevators. I consider them a captive audience. I have embarrassed my quiet husband many times, not out of meanness, but I just like to be friendly.

But this blog piece is not supposed to be about talking but about writing. Right? So my dilemma is put me in front of a blank anything, a sheet of paper, greeting card, or blog and I will come up blank. But not so when it comes to my books I just close my eyes and think of the scene and boom there goes my fingers.

So I started to analyze my problem. Why do I struggle? First of all the problem comes with the mighty pen. One screw up on that card and you have to scribble it out. I don’t like writing in cursive because pretty soon I have too many loops or humps so again scribble, scribble and scribble again.

Then it comes down to what do I write? How many ways can I write happy birthday when it’s already printed on the card. To some people stuff like that comes so easy to them. Or at least it seems easy, maybe it’s not.

When it comes to blogs my mind goes to “Do people really care what I think?” Then I freeze. What do I have to say that is worth their time to read it? So I’ve come to realize that if you want to read what I write then that’s great. No pressure though and I won’t hold you to it. LOL Wow, I got a high five emoji with this one. Maybe I should stop now while it’s all good. Naw I’ll keep the ramble going.

Let me update you on where I am with my children’s series. Book 3 is complete and ahead of my schedule. My illustrator Faith is working diligently on the artwork. I’m blown away with her talent!! Her deadline is in the first part of October. So I’ve been full steam ahead with book 4. My critique group received the first two chapters and I’m anxious to see what they think. I have been over that book several times so tonight I visited book 5. Oh boy, I felt overwhelmed. I need to come up with 10,000 more words. So that tells me I have some new writing to do.

Van (my husband) had asked me a while back if I’m doing any new writing and I told him every time I change a sentence I’m creating something new. Well, he will be overjoyed to hear that I really will be writing some new stuff. It felt weird to see this storyline that I hadn’t visited in 3 + years. Can I still write? Will the words come to me? Or is it a no go? We shall see.

My mom just finished with book 2 and really was worried if Mr. ‘gator was going to get one of her favorite characters and I had to tell her she had to wait for book 3. She was not happy. LOL

Well, I think that’s it for now. Happy reading!





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